The WNFM Board is composed of seven (7) persons - six members elected by the participating member organizations by secret ballot and one member of the Board of Governors shall be appointed by, and serve at the discretion of, NAC and shall serve as the Executive Director. The Governors elected shall be officers or employees of participating member organizations and shall be chosen based on their interest in, and knowledge of, the purpose and activities of the Board of Governors. The Governors shall be elected by a vote of a majority of the participating member organizations constituting a quorum, at the WNFM Annual Meeting & International conference of any given year. The terms shall be specified so that the terms of one-third of the Governors elected by the participating member organizations shall expire each year. The Governors elected by the participating member organizations shall be elected to serve a three (3) year terms. After being elected to serve two (2) three-year terms, a Governor cannot be re-elected to the Board until a period of at least four (4) years has transpired since the end of either the Governor’s second three-year elected term or subsequent two (2) three-year terms.

The authority of the Board of Governors shall be limited to the determination of all dues, fees, and assessments, reviewing nuclear fuel market-related services, and to making recommendations to participating member organizations to ensure the fair, impartial, and ethical reporting. All Governors and officers shall serve without compensation.
Ms. Jeanne Tortorelli
Director, Nuclear Fuel Supply
Constellation Energy Corporation
Ms. Sashi Davies
Vice Chairwoman
Strategic Advisor
Boss Resources Ltd.
Mr. David C. Culp
Executive Director
Director, Fuel Cycle Consulting
NAC International
Ms. Lisa Aitken
Managing Director, Marketing
Cameco Corporation
Mr. Mandeep Ludu
Head of Nuclear Fuel
WMC Energy
Mr. Rob Szollosy
Nuclear Fuel Supply Manager
Southern Nuclear
Mr. Shigeo Fujinami
President & CEO
TEPCO Resources Inc.
Mr. Juan Subiry
Secretary to the Board
VP, Market and Product Strategy
NAC International
Ms. Rachel Little
Treasurer to the Board & Administrative Director
Executive Assistant
NAC International
General Counsel to the Board
Cushing, Morris, Armbruster & Montgomery, LLP


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