The World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) was established in 1974 to promote international commerce in nuclear fuel materials. WNFM membership comprises about 80 companies representing around 21 countries, and the WNFM welcomes all nuclear fuel industry organizations and other interested parties to join.

The WNFM’s efforts have evolved to a focused, ongoing dialogue among industry participants to solve commercial, nuclear fuel-related problems through the WNFM Annual Meeting.

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How to Join

Corporations and firms in the nuclear fuel industry that wish to receive the services of the WNFM enter into Participation Agreements and shall remain a participating member organization so long as its Participation Agreement with WNFM remains in full force and effect. Participating member organizations are assessed a yearly fee to cover the Board of Governors’ activities in carrying out its responsibilities, which include overseeing the administration of all WNFM matters; ensuring that all participants are treated equitably; and determining the direction and scope of the organization. Each a participating member organization shall have one vote upon all questions presented for action at any meeting of the Participants as to which the Participants have the right to vote, including the election of the Board of Governors, and receive discounted member rates for the WNFM Annual Meeting & International Conference.

If an organization wishes to join WNFM, please contact us to express interest in becoming a participating member organization (the process includes completing appropriate paperwork, approval from the WNFM Board of Governors, and submitting membership dues).

For More Information about WNFM

For more information about how participating in WNFM can benefit your organization’s nuclear fuel procurement activities and provide exposure to the international nuclear fuel markets, please Contact Us.


By becoming a member of WNFM, you will gain access to leading thinkers, experts, companies, and organizations in our field.

This will benefit all of your organization’s fuel procurement activities. You’ll gain access and exposure to the international nuclear fuel markets and always stay up to date on all WNFM — and its working groups — are doing. LEARN MORE >

Make Plans Now...

Make Plans Now
Join us for the next World Nuclear Fuel Market Annual Meeting June 2-4, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meet and network with others. Engage in positive debate. Gain valuable insight from thought leaders in our industry. And meet others facing similar issues. More information to come!